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The Sint Annaland village

Sint-Annaland (In local dialect; Stalland) is a village in the community of Tholen, part of the Dutch province Zeeland. On 1st July 2018 there were 3688 inhabitants. There is a marina at the “Krabbenkreek”.

Until 1971, Sint Annaland was an independent community, about 16 square kilometres big.

A bit of history;

In 1476 permitted Charles of Bourgondy his half sister Ann of Bourgondy to build dykes around some mud flat near the island of Tholen. She founded a church dedicated to her patron saint Ann (mother of Holy Mary)

On 23rd of may 1692, the whole village was stricken by a huge fire. Some 56 houses, a brewery and 34 barns were lost. This fire started probably in a dunghill behind a house at the “Voorstraat” (a main street).

Sint Annaland is in Dutch language a “ringvoorstraatdorp”. There was a “Voorstraat” (Mainstreet) from the ring way around the church to the harbour. The church of today is built in 1899 to supersede the old cross church from 1492. Our village has two windmills, one wooden standard mill from 1684-85 and a round stone built corn mill from 1847 with a name (translated) “the Four Winds”. After the communal redivision you can find,  since 1973 the area museum “De Meestoof” in the former community house.

The coat of arms from Sint Annaland is blue with a golden image of Saint Ann, carrying her daughter Mary on her arm. This coat of arms was granted on 31 july 1817.